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The Eisenman Line

Tuesday Jul 30, 2013
  There are two kinds of data for materials such as those found at Qumran (the Dead Sea Scrolls), ‘external’ and ‘internal.’ ‘External data’ consist of things like archaeology, paleography, and carbon dating. In a situation like of the Scrolls, the latter turn out to often be either imprecise or unreliable.   It has been my position from the beginning of my work (the 70's), in a situation of the...
Wednesday Jul 03, 2013
  Who would have thought it? Napoleon invaded Egypt, which many thought the most foolhardy military adventure of his career, over two centuries ago on July 2nd, 1798 and fought “The Battle of the Pyramids” against the Mameluks on July 21st.   At that moment, under the Pyramids – his real intent perhaps to cut off the British route to India – he proclaimed the ideals of Republican France, proclaiming Frenchmen...
Wednesday Jun 26, 2013
  Why the world is not “Flat”, as some people would have us believe, but rather incredibly TILTED AGAINST US.   “Thug Capitalism” turns the mechanisms of the West against it ultimately threatening to undermine and overwhelm it – even own it, this time without firing a shot.   Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada has finally done it. He has let the cat out of the bag. Always scrupulously honorable...
Sunday Jun 02, 2013
  Putin has applied the Chechnya wrecking ball to Syria and what does the rest of the world do, just stand by ‘wringing its hands’ (not China and Iran – China, finding a kindred spirit, cooperates and, of course Iran, for whose sake a good deal of this is being accomplished, just waters its mouth).   The Russians have re-entered the Middle East big-time - after most of that part of the world thought they were long...
Monday May 13, 2013
  I wrote this several years ago, but in view of the present squabbles at the Western (Herod's) Wall I felt it important to repost it as a prelude to something I am going to write as a follow-up, which will illustrate how ludicrous such squabbles really are and will attempt to move on to what is really important to Jews and all others who wish to "Join them" or as the Dead Sea Scrolls would put it "Joiners"/"Nilvim...