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Egypt's Missing Peace

Thursday Aug 14, 2014
    For three years now countless people have asked me why I never talk about the Palestinian issue in my articles, I simply dodge this question by saying I can’t fight or handle two fronts and that I am focused on my Egypt. But now I have to break my silence about this issue and be honest about it, which may offend many of my fellow Arabs but the truth must be told the way I see it no matter how ugly it is. First, before...
Wednesday Jul 30, 2014
    First I must apologize for taking so long to write again but as most of you know I was in Spain for a peace and conflict resolution conference. Then I came back from Spain to face my destiny with pride and no regrets for my choices on doing the right thing by stopping the hate propaganda between Israel and the Arabs, despite, as I mentioned before , my arrested last October on false charges and subsequent bail since that time....
Sunday May 25, 2014
          When the people who are responsible for my country ask a direct question, I expect them to accept my direct answer and not to be blackballed or jailed because I am telling them the truth.   After my previous article “From Russia With Love” about retired field marshal Abdel Fattah ElSisi`s trip to Russia, I received a storm of criticism by my fellow Egyptians on how I accused the...
Saturday May 17, 2014
  The great Malcom X once said and I repeat it after him no matter what others thinks of me:   “I am for the truth no matter who tells it. I am for justice no matter who it is for or against.”   Last month I had the privilege to attend the Jerusalem Post’s 3rd Annual Conference in New York City, which served as a significant day in my life to finally see my colleagues from the Jerusalem Post for the first...
Friday Apr 04, 2014
    Shaykh Omar Suleiman once said: “The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.” While I was attending the MJC peace conference in Sarajevo back in early July 2013, the revolution fire was dominating me from the inside out. My Egyptian pride was very loud to an irritating point for some people that I don’t blame because they couldn’t see the Egypt in me and the...
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