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Wednesday Dec 26, 2012
There are many areas of concern in making aliyah. I never dreamed being a pedestrian would be one of them. Let me be very clear: ZIONISTS WHO LOVE TO WALK BEWARE.   I learned this sobering lesson a few days ago on a morning stroll. Like the good boy I was brought up to be, I approached a crosswalk and looked both ways before entering the street. Once I was halfway across the road I noticed an approaching car, who no doubt saw me mid-...
Wednesday Dec 05, 2012
I am currently typing this article on a computer that I loathe.  My old laptop died about a month ago and I have since been anxiously awaiting my shiny new, Windows 8-loaded, HP ultrabook. Unfortunately, the new computer was not ideal for my needs. I dislike Windows 8, there is almost no memory (100 GB total!) available on the hard drive and don’t even get me started on what is happening to my music library!   The reason I...
Sunday Nov 18, 2012
Growing up I used to be hooked on the Game Show Network, dreaming of one day answering Richard Dawson on Family Feud or Bob Eubanks on Card Sharks. Then, a few years back, I was a councilor for 35 American high school students for a six-week trip around Israel, and I determined that I never wanted to answer another question again.   American high schoolers experiencing Jewish and Israeli history for the first time ask a lot of questions,...
Thursday Sep 13, 2012
Last month’s Hurricane Isaac proved that sometimes we can see the storm on the horizon while this week’s tornado in New York taught us that other times it can sneak up on us quieter than a mouse. The Jewish people would do well to heed recent events and their implications of a coming storm. In this past week’s torah portion the nation of Israel is told of the curses that G-d will rain down upon them if they fail to keep the...
Tuesday Jul 31, 2012
In a childhood full of emotional experiences one memory has served as a constant inspiration to me as a Jew and as a writer who tries to speak out on behalf of the Jewish people. My family was standing around in our kitchen after returning from my grandfather’s funeral steeped in a morbid daze. After a prolonged silence my ailing grandmother heaved a great sigh and mumbled something in Hungarian that, while I could not understand,...
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