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Monday Feb 03, 2014
  The most common critique that I get about my writing pertains to my tendency to use big words. I’ve been making efforts to remedy this ailment, but today, please indulge me. Here’s a short blog post with one big word that I just learned: “reify.”   In previous posts, we have emphasized the importance of setting goals in order to be hopeful.  My goals might be for the short-term or the long-range. I might...
Monday Jan 06, 2014
While packing up to leave work today, a colleague asked if I’d see just one more patient.  Acquiescing, I set out to meet with Manny, a 39-year-old man diagnosed almost three years ago with a rare spinal cord tumor. The neurosurgeon’s attempt to remove the mass had proven unsuccessful. What’s more, during the operation, a large blood vessel was accidentally severed, causing extensive hemorrhage.  Doctors eventually...
Monday Dec 02, 2013
Hope requires looking to the future. A future-oriented outlook typically involves goal setting. It's not always easy, though, to set goals that are attainable. On the oncology wards where I work, almost all patients aspire to achieve cure.  I'm all for that, especially since one of medicine’s best-kept secrets is that, today, most cancer patients are still alive five years from diagnosis, and most who reach the five-year-survival...
Monday Nov 04, 2013
Welcome to our new blog.  My name is Dr. Ben Corn.  Some people familiar with my mawkishly sentimental puns assume that I adopted my surname in deference to my "corny" personality.  In fact, research shows that often, in the 15th century, when surnames--or family names--became popular, they reflected their owners’ occupations.      “Corn” has no relation to my occupation. I'm an...
Monday Oct 28, 2013
Hard to believe, we've come to the final installment of this blog. I'm shaking as I type the words. Throughout the last month, people have sent me suggestions for a closing title.  Among my favorites are "53," "Coda Corn," "A Blog Dies," and "I Was Just Kidding; None of it Was Really True."  I’ll explain, down below, the meaning of my choice.  For now, though, join me in this final,...
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