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Conflicted Land

Friday Jan 04, 2013
The following is an excerpt from a documentary detailing the tactics employed by Jewish settlers in Palestine: "When a new settlement is established, it must withstand attack from the very first day of occupation. A system of defense has been evolved, in which these experienced settlers play an important part.  "When the proposed site has been marked out, members of the established settlements in the vicinity move off to...
Tuesday Dec 04, 2012
One big problem with democracy — in most of its forms — is that leaders can be tempted to put their own re-election above the state's civic and diplomatic interests. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s decision-making in recent days may be one of the finest examples of the phenomenon. Every Israeli government for the past decade has deferred to international diplomatic pressure not to advance construction in the...
Thursday Nov 29, 2012
One of the responsibilities of the news media is to set the parameters of acceptable discourse in society. But while media outlets have the unique ability to demarcate what is and isn’t acceptable to print, in doing so, they walk a fine line and risk masking the ugliest – but real – faces of society. Last week, in the midst of the latest round of deadly violence between Israel and Gaza, The Jerusalem Post printed an op-ed...
Tuesday Nov 13, 2012
There’s something different about the most recent flare-up between Israel and Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians’ modus operandi appears to have changed, and Israel seems to be unsure of how to respond. In the past month, armed Palestinian groups in Gaza launched a string of three, seemingly well planned and ultimately successful attacks against IDF forces along the border. Planted explosive devices, a massive...
Wednesday Nov 07, 2012
Israeli officials are well known for their criticism of Arab leaders, and Palestinians in particular, for saying one thing in English and another in Arabic. Just last week, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and a host of other members of the right-wing Israeli political echelon dismissed an [English-language] interview given by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to an Israeli television channel, accusing him of making near opposite...