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Thursday Aug 07, 2014
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators shout 'Death to the Jews' during the riot at the Rue de la Roquette on 13 July   By Lyn Julius  The Jews of France are reeling. It's been a month that they would rather forget. Although all European Jewish communities have been affected, the French community has, since the outbreak of the Gaza war, seen a larger spike in violence than most.  Eight synagogues were attacked in a week.  Jews in...
Wednesday Jun 25, 2014
MK Shimon Ohayon, who proposed the law  By Lyn Julius It’s been a historic week for activists campaigning for the rights of Jews from Arab lands. The Israeli Knesset has passed a law which will for the first time designate  30th November as a national day of commemoration for the million or so Jewish refugees forced to flee Arab lands and Iran.   “Today, we have finally corrected an historic injustice and placed...
Tuesday May 06, 2014
  Inside the Djara Synagogue, Gabes by Lyn Julius   In the neglected history of Jews from Arab countries, 1941 is remembered  as the year of the (1/ 2 June) Farhud, the brutal Nazi-inspired pogrom against the Jews of Iraq, which claimed at least 179 lives. But a mini-Farhud also took place in Tunisia almost exactly 73 years ago, an event scarcely mentioned by Tunisian Jews eager to reminisce about their idyllic childhoods.  ...
Wednesday Mar 12, 2014
 By Lyn Julius In Baghdad before WW2, Jews made up a quarter of the population. Today there are five   It has become fashionable for academics in Middle East Studies departments to redefine the identity of Jews in Arab countries as ‘hyphenated’ Arab-Jews, conflicted by the Arab–Israeli dispute, itself an aberration after centuries of peaceful coexistence.   Orit Bashkin, the Israeli-born associate professor of...
Monday Jan 27, 2014
 by Lyn Julius Memorial in Or Yehuda, Israel, to the nine Jews hanged in Baghdad on 27th January 1969    It’s 27th January - International Holocaust Memorial Day - the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp. But it's also a day many Jews born in Iraq will never forget. On this day, 45 years ago, nine Jews were executed and their bodies hung from gallows in Baghdad’s Liberation Square.  ...
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