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Wednesday Apr 09, 2014
    One pro-Israel advocate has described the debate among Christians regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as “A long war,” while organizers of the so-called “Christ at the Checkpoint” conference are claiming to be balanced in their theological views as they watch American groups like Christians United for Israel add daily to their already huge constituencies.   The CATC...
Monday Apr 07, 2014
      As an American Christian, raised in the Bible Belt, I know a fellow Christian’s views on Israel and Jews if I know his or her views on foundational issues.   For example, how one views the historicity of Genesis usually signals whether a person is friendly to Israel, or not. Not always a sure indicator, but often. Further, one’s views of such passages tend to color one’s views...
Wednesday Mar 12, 2014
    One of the best initiatives anyone involved in the convoluted Arab-Israeli conflict has had—ever—is the “Youth Ambassador Student Exchange” program (YASE for short), initiated by the America-Israel Friendship League. The goal is to expose students from America and from the Middle East to the other’s culture. The first delegation arrived in Israel in 1979, and the results...
Monday Feb 24, 2014
      Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor, recently made something clear that is all-too-often not clear at all to the wider public: “We’re doing amazing stuff around the world, from eye doctors, to rescue teams in Tahiti, and the world doesn’t know that, and it’s high time to really present Israel for what it really is.”   For Christians who want to...
Monday Feb 10, 2014
  In one of the more sublime moments in the rock documentary “The Last Waltz,” director Martin Scorsese asks The Band’s Robbie Robertson and Levon Helm about the “moves” various  singers had developed over the years. Robertson explained  singers influence singers over time; what Mick Jagger was doing was borrowed from Tina Turner, and so on.   “It didn’t just fall out...
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