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Tuesday May 13, 2014
  The hysterics who warned of disaster if the peace process failed are now waiting for their predictions to come true. John Kerry and company belong to the “Tough Love” and “Sky is Falling” school of Middle East diplomacy. They believe Israel must be bullied by her friends and bombed by her neighbors into compromise, with dashes added of boycott threats, warnings of democracy eroding and harsh distorted charges about...
Tuesday May 06, 2014
Ha’aretz claims that few drivers are buying Israeli flags in Tel Aviv to put on their cars this week.  By contrast, in Southern Jerusalem flags are selling as briskly this week as water bottles did last week, when contaminants in the Abu Tor neighborhood leaked into our water system. The minor day-long water service interruption offered two essential lessons about the real Israel that we celebrate this week, rather than the...
Tuesday Apr 29, 2014
Having worsened the Hadassah hospital crisis by extending unfairly low reimbursements for consistently superior medical care, Israel’s government now risks bungling the response. Hippocrates was right. Like any physician’s basic ethical obligation, a leader must first do no harm. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition colleagues will stain their records permanently if they destroy these national treasures.  ...
Tuesday Apr 01, 2014
  Last week’s front page of Israel’s Yediot Achranot captured Israel society at its worst. One headline screamed about Tel Aviv youths repeatedly gang raping a 13-year-old, recruiting others to participate or watch. These monsters – and their parents -- feeling victimized, blamed the victim, claiming she “consented.” Another headline told of dozens of young Israelis vandalizing a Peruvian archaeological site...
Tuesday Mar 25, 2014
    President Barack Obama’s disproportionate pressure on Israel in the peace talks is both one-sided and shortsighted. The central obstruction blocking an Israeli-Palestinian Peace in 2014 remains what it was when Palestinian terrorism undermined Oslo in 2004 and when the PLO resisted accepting Israel’s existence in 1994 and when the PLO began in 1964 – three years before the Six Day War: until the Palestinian...
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