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Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
The American Jewish Left loves labeling AIPAC, America’s pro-Israel lobby, as doctrinaire, unrepresentative, and bullying – adjectives which often describe the Far Left itself. This “AIPACing” of AIPAC – caricaturing the broad bipartisan lobby as monolithic and intimidating -- reflects another, more insidious, scheme. Increasingly, the barrage of Israel criticism is escalating hopes of ending Israel’s West...
Tuesday Feb 11, 2014
  Israelis face two fundamental peace process puzzles: how to stay safe if Israel withdraws from any territories and how to remain ethical if Israel keeps all the territories?  These issues require careful analysis and alternating leaps of faith – either trusting the Palestinians to stop seeking Israel’s destruction or imagining away the political and moral problems with undemocratically controlling 2.7 million...
Tuesday Feb 04, 2014
Last Friday, the world lost a leading philanthropist and humanitarian, Anne Heyman, who died during a horse-riding accident at the too-young age of 52. The founder of the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, she cleverly harnessed Israeli expertise and experience to help many orphaned during the Rwanda genocide – who now feel orphaned again.  For those of us in the Young Judaea world, we lost someone whose life embodied the Jewish...
Saturday Feb 01, 2014
I recently visited Hebron for the first time in 35 years.  People who care about Israel should confront the complexity that is Hebron, impasse central, where the Jewish and Palestinian narratives collide – and intertwine.   Anyone who doubts that Jews have deep, historic, legitimate ties in the contested territories must go to Hebron.  Staring at the Cave of the Patriarchs, the burial place of Judaism’s forefathers...
Tuesday Jan 21, 2014
  In the Knesset Monday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper celebrated Canada and Israel as “the greatest of friends and the most natural of allies.” At a time when President Barack Obama’s support for Israel often feels provisional and pinched, Harper’s backing is hearty and heartening.  In an era when a UNESCO exhibition documenting the Jewish people’s long relationship with the land of Israel is vetoed...
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