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Tuesday Apr 01, 2014
  Last week’s front page of Israel’s Yediot Achranot captured Israel society at its worst. One headline screamed about Tel Aviv youths repeatedly gang raping a 13-year-old, recruiting others to participate or watch. These monsters – and their parents -- feeling victimized, blamed the victim, claiming she “consented.” Another headline told of dozens of young Israelis vandalizing a Peruvian archaeological site...
Tuesday Mar 25, 2014
    President Barack Obama’s disproportionate pressure on Israel in the peace talks is both one-sided and shortsighted. The central obstruction blocking an Israeli-Palestinian Peace in 2014 remains what it was when Palestinian terrorism undermined Oslo in 2004 and when the PLO resisted accepting Israel’s existence in 1994 and when the PLO began in 1964 – three years before the Six Day War: until the Palestinian...
Tuesday Mar 11, 2014
  Epistemology – studying the nature of knowledge -- is one of those words that academics love and normal people don’t. But thinking about thinking challenges us to understand how people understand things, sensitizing us to assumptions and distortions.   It is important to realize that the systematic, longstanding campaign to destroy and delegitimize Israel has created a zero-sum, dualistic epistemology. Israel’s...
Tuesday Mar 04, 2014
As 14,000 Israel lovers convened Sunday in Washington for AIPAC’s annual policy conference, critics rejoiced that the Big Bad Jewish Lobby was on the ropes, while still claiming the the only reason the US supports Israel is AIPAC.  In exaggerating AIPAC’s power while minimizing it, the clashing caricatures rest on subtleties only bigots can believe.  Yet, attending my second policy conference, as an invited speaker not a...
Thursday Feb 27, 2014
    A new Israeli movie, “Operation Sunflower,” speculates about this plucky little country’s attempt to develop an atomic bomb in the 1960s. The movie, starring the legendary singer Yehoram Gaon as the head of Israel’s secret services, beautifully recreates the texture of a simpler, primitive, romantic time, emphasizing the chutzpah involved in believing that tiny Israel could attempt what only the biggest...
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