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Wednesday Aug 13, 2014
  Dear President Rivlin,   As Israel’s president, you can also become the Jewish people’s national hero.  Your reputation for modesty and honesty precedes you. We will embrace you as an upright individual, who can restore honor to public service in Israel.   Trusting your reputation, advising you not to embarrass us, is not enough. We need leadership. We need you to stretch – and to stretch us.  You...
Tuesday Aug 05, 2014
  The media’s pornographic, context-free reporting of the Gaza casualty count, John Kerry’s Hamas-friendly cease-fire plan, Barack Obama’s weary impotence, and various American Jewish mea culpas, have stirred Israeli worries about losing American support. But don’t worry Israel:  Americans (along with Canadians) remain our best friends.   Surveys confirm that the US has “a pro-Israel public.”...
Tuesday Jul 29, 2014
Every soldier killed, each rocket fired, every tunnel uncovered, each detail of Hamas’s planned Rosh Hashanah swarming of Israeli civilians from the tunnels revealed, solidifies Israel’s anti-Hamas consensus. Most Israelis, from right to left, from ultra-orthodox to ultra-atheist, support Israel’s actions in this “ein breira” no choice war against an evil entity seeking our destruction. Give Hamas’s...
Thursday Jul 24, 2014
  CNN’s Wolf Blitzer recently asked if Israel was “overreacting” in Gaza.  Rebuffing this new, trendy, disproportionality argument, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mocked those who say “yes, you have the right of self-defense, as long as you don't exercise it.” Simplistic, voyeuristic media coverage spreads Palestinian Porn – obsessed with exhibitionist victimization not sex.  Exploiting their...
Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
  Amid Hamas’s rocket barrage from totalitarian Gaza, the land Israel left nine years ago, American Jewry’s tiny but loud far left launched its own fusillade. “End the bombing, end the occupation,” Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) cried. “Peace not vengeance,” J Street insisted. J Street at least “condemn[ed] Hamas” and “recognize[d] Israel’s right to respond to the rocket fire....
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