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Calling out Terrorism

Sunday Mar 10, 2013
  Over 3 years ago I wrote about the TSA and called it “window dressing”, now on the heels of knives being allowed back on planes and a fake bomb making it through security, a former TSA agent has come forward and stated what I’ve known all along.     Remember the “Current Threat Level”, you know, the red, orange, yellow, blue and green color bar that the Department of Homeland Security uses to keep...
Sunday Mar 03, 2013
Over the years I have been called many things and received so many death threats I’ve stopped counting. I’ve written hundreds of articles with examples of ‘stealth Jihad’ and ‘creeping Sharia’ from our schools to our courts to so called ‘honor killings’ and yet most people refuse to even see it. Now it’s become a “standard curriculum” for our schools through CSCOPE.   I...
Sunday Feb 17, 2013
  The new White House chief of staff, Denis McDonough, says there's "a grave concern" about delays in assembling President Barack Obama's second-term national security team. When dealing with CIA Director-designate John Brennan the “grave concern” should be his ability and fitness for the position, not how long it is taking to approve him.       The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘cloak and...
Sunday Dec 23, 2012
  I originally wrote this article in July, 2010. Sometimes it really does pay to revisit things. Islam, Sharia, jihad and terror. Daily, more things appear in the news about the truth of Islam from a multitude of venues. Why do people refuse to hear this truth?     “Perhaps these things that seem important to me are unimportant, but they are all a part of the great human tragedy that stands before us. And if I could do...
Sunday Dec 16, 2012
  There comes a time when you have to admit, no matter what your political views, that every time the Obama administration enacts another rule or decision, it goes beyond all sense. The new U.S. Army handbook is just another one of those cases.      I’ve been down this road before; down it so many times I can drive it with eyes closed. But just when I thought I had seen it all the Obama administration trumps itself....
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