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Thursday Jul 31, 2014
CNN reported today that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Israel would complete its goal of destroying Hamas' network of tunnels with or without a cease-fire. He said, before a Cabinet meeting, that this was just the first phase of the demilitarization of Gaza.   Growing up in a liberal, Jewish household in the US in the 1960s my parents marched for civil-rights, rallied for ecology and protested against the war in Vietnam. As...
Monday Jul 07, 2014
Nazi activst Photo Credit: Reuters   While the practice of anti-Semitism will likely never be completely eliminated, it is a term that needs to go away.   Do a Jay Leno “Jaywalk” and ask people on the street what a Semite is and I bet they’ll look at you with a befuddled expression. But it’s not just the hoi polloi who’d stumble. Honestly, have you ever met anyone who identified themselves as a Semite?...
Wednesday Jul 02, 2014
  Fraenkel, Gil-ad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach. Photo: REUTERS   To travel through Israel is to watch and witness youth with their young happy faces (see the video link.) Whether in the white city by the sea in Tel Aviv, to the mountainous north near The Golan, in the dry Negev with their leathery tan complexions or in the winding streets Jerusalem— there is a vibrancy and a pulse driven by young people.   This image, this...
Tuesday May 20, 2014
  REUTERS/Toby Melville   While most movie-goers will simply see another action-packed, super-hero flick this weekend in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” there’s a deeper story to the “X-Men” in general and this tale in particular that hits on the Jewish gene theme in a mighty way.   Depending on your outlook, it may have been either laudably daring or catastrophically controversial to infuse the X-Men...
Tuesday Apr 01, 2014
(Poster courtesy of Marvel)   Caps back and not a moment too soon.   Just as Russian President Vladimir Putin reasserts his old Cold War bravado, infused with Olympian juice after Sochi, this weekend will launch Marvel Comics’ sure-to-be blockbuster, “Captain America – The Winter Soldier.”   With a jolt, Cap’s patriotic pose will swoop in on our collective conscious, heroically appearing just as the...
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