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Sunday Apr 07, 2013
A short post written on Valentine's Day, but meant for an entirely different day--Yom HaShoah: I could barely hear her as she spoke about Poland. Every sound of the street -- a delivery truck unloading, a kid ringing the bell on his bike, a dog barking -- obliterated the words coming out her mouth, running her story down. I felt like asking the street itself to stop, to plead with the world to allow this woman one moment of peace so she could...
Tuesday Jan 22, 2013
Never has there been such a disparity between print and the world the printed letters purport to describe. In the newspapers -- and on Facebook, Twitter, etc. -- we've been treated to nouns of desperation. This election in Israel, we've heard, is one of "hopelessness," "gloom" and "despair" -- and all this before the elections even took place! The New York Times was "yawning" at the elections, quoting...
Friday Nov 23, 2012
 I was at the register of a department store paying for a couple things I needed this rainy Friday when I dropped my umbrella. I picked it up and almost immediately dropped it again. The saleswoman, a Russian lady in her late fifites, gave me a funny look. I told her it's because I'm tired, but she said, "No, it's the week we've all had."   What she meant by that was a week of air raid sirens, missiles falling on our cities,...
Sunday Nov 18, 2012
By now, it's a known fact that modern warfare, especially when it involves terror groups, is played out as much in the media as on the battlefield. Looking at the situation in Gaza, now five days in, media winners and losers are starting to emerge.    Winners:   Reuters — While not perfect (CNN's mea culpa concerning footage of possibly faked Palestinian injuries blamed the newswire as its source), Reuters has been lightning...
Friday Nov 16, 2012
Tel Aviv just heard its second air raid siren in twenty years -- or at least the second sounded for non-ceremonial purposes. People on the streets fled into building lobbies and shopping arcades and waited, and then a boom was heard, almost a relief, as people paused, looked around and then drifted out of their ad hoc shelters. It took only a few minutes for normal life to resume.   In Tel Aviv, we'd heard about the rocket threat, the...