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Antisemitism and Jewish Survival

Sunday Apr 13, 2014
  “Whether Paul was responsible for all this anti-Jewish writing is far less important than the use Christian theologians from the late empire to the twentieth century made of this material as an ideological paradigm and an emotional attack of Jews…”  (Robert Michael, 2008, A History of Catholic Antisemitism, p.12)   The Jewish Problem: From Christian anti-Judaism to Secular Antsemitism   I. Introduction...
Friday Apr 04, 2014
Despite twenty-nine chapters describing the evolution of a religion-based “problem” into a secular effort to exterminate each and every Jew alive in the twentieth century, the magnitude of the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem, its implications for Jewish survival anywhere in the Diaspora are so horrible as to hide entirely the living source both for the recent Holocaust and its future re-emergence.  The Jewish Problem is...
Thursday Mar 27, 2014
  X. A Jewish Solution to the Jewish Problem?   Germany was arguably the most scientifically advanced and cultured country of the early 20th century. Yet it was just such a country that was capable of democratically placing in office the architect of the Holocaust. Yes Germany had lost the First World War, was in the throes of the Great Depression, of hyperinflation. And their victims, “the Jews,” self-convinced that their...
Friday Mar 21, 2014
    “They own, you know, the banks in this country, the newspapers. Just look at where the Jewish money is.”   This is the second of three segments comprising my final chapter to this discussion of the impact of Christianity's millennial Jewish Problem and its impact on Jewish survival. The Holocaust was the most recent manifestation of that "impact." Attributed to "secularism," or "Hitler the...
Sunday Mar 16, 2014
“almost all periods of great violence… have caught the Jews by surprise and found them unprepared… there was no thought of attacks and major violence—at least not in their country, their house.” Alex Bein, The Jewish Question   I have reconidered my reluctance to put my "final chapter" on the blog. In fact I have also reconsidered continuing blogging as my new project also unfolds. That projected...
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