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Monday Nov 26, 2012
   The black and white newspaper photograph of the young full faced Gilad Shalit sat on the top corner of our fridge for almost the entire time he was in captivity. It made its way across the ocean from Australia with us the year we made Aliyah. I kept it there as a reminder to hold him in my conscience each day and as a sign of my solidarity with his parent’s efforts to have him released. I also wanted my children to hold him in...
Sunday Sep 23, 2012
As violent mobs took to the CBD of my home town, Sydney, protesting Nakoula Basseley Nakoula’s ‘The Innocence of Muslims’, the Australian media was flooded with a myriad of anti Fundamental Muslim sentiments; most of them justified. Like much of the Western world, Australians have outgrown the racist prejudices of their predecessors and the society has evolved into a largely tolerant multi cultural one which embraces the...
Tuesday Sep 04, 2012
A few weeks ago, as I stood in the kitchen frying schnitzel a sudden wave of fever sweep over my body and when I could no longer ignore the sharp stabbing pains that worked their way up from my calves to my lower back, I took two painkillers and went to bed. By evening my head was throbbing and the flue-like aches had started up again. I awoke the next morning to find a mild rash had spread from my ankles up to my torso. By the third feverish...
Sunday Jun 24, 2012
  Summer has always been a challenge for me. Even as a young teenager, I was the one wearing jeans and a long mans shirt to the beach while my friends were frolicking around in skimpy bikinis and shorts. When I became religious, I put it down to my being naturally modest, but as that mask slipped away I was forced to confront something deeper about how I felt about my body. Weighing in at a scrawny fifty something kilo's, I have no shape to...
Friday May 25, 2012
  It's an old joke we are all familiar with but this week it wasn’t so funny as newspaper headlines reported on the rape of a young girl by three suspected Eritrean migrants who had no doubt entered Israel illegally via Egypt. I am not usually one to enter into politics and my compassionate nature tends towards humanitarian ideologies but this issue in particular leaves me feeling that perhaps we compassionate left wing types are...
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